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发行商: Seiji ISSHIKI
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With web designers and coders, don't you always wonder when you look at cool sites about what kind of code they actually are?
SiteSnitch is an analytical tool that swiftly downloads site codes (HTML, CSS, Javascript and images) to local servers.

It is different to things such as Firebug that do analysis, as it can freely destroy the source (!) while verifying on familiar editors on local servers.

SiteSnitch has a built-in web server function and can be started with just one click.
So the trouble of copying to the LAMP environment can be omitted and it is possible to immediately reproduce the situation on the server.

Furthermore, SiteSnitch uses the same Webkit Engine as Safari and searches for related files that are used in the target's HTML.

【How to use】
1. Select the destination folder.
2. Input the URL of the site that you want to acquire.
3. Press the "data acquisition" button.
4. The acquired data gets downloaded to the destination folder.
5. If you "start" the confirmation web server, the web server starts up using the destination folder as a route.
6. If you press the "open in browser" button, it is accessed in a default browser on the local server.

【Please note】
- Depending on the structure of the pate, there are some pages that cannot be acquired.
- Not all data can be perfectly saved. In particular, data that is loaded with AJAX apart from the initial load cannot be acquired.
- The confirmation web server is for simple confirmation. Please use it for confirmation within safe environments like in firewalls.
- The confirmation web server is not supported by redirecting systems of processing or MIME type processing.
- We do not take any responsibility for any security risks taken when operated to the public outside the confirmation web server.
- If you want to confirm the situation even closer to the actual environment, we recommend that you copy the data and confirm on Apache in LAMP environment.
- The copyright for sites are are on site operators etc. Please analyze the data that is downloaded privately. If it is reproduced without permission, there is a risk of infringement on copyright.


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