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Super Skido Spite & Malice

发行商: Paul Burlov
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Entertaining card game with simple rules. Easy to learn, hard to stop!

Love card games? Try funny and vibrant SKIDO and you will never regret it.

SKIDO is quite similar to Spite & Malice or Cat & Mouse. In this game, a player needs to drop all their cards onto the table.

You can play SKIDO for free, without registration. Play offline (with no wifi) and see global players rating online. Select the difficulty level and duration. The game can perfectly fit in a short break, cheer up a commute, or help you to skip long and boring waiting time. Engage in card fun at any time!

- At the beginning, every player has the equal number of cards. They are piled backs up, and the top card is turned and laid on the pile. The goal is to get rid of the whole deck. The first player that drops all their cards wins the game.

- Upon every turn, the player gets 5 cards in hands. Cards are piled in decks in the table center, starting from 1. At their turn, every player needs to continue decking (up to 4 decks can be on the table). The player can lay any number of cards during their turn.

- For instance, three piles are on the table, with top cards 1, 7, and 10. The player has 3, 2, 2, 11, and 12 in hands, while the top card of their deck is 1. They lay 1 to start a new deck, covering it with 2 and then 3, laying another 2 onto the pile with 1 on the top. Then 11 goes onto 10, the player turns another card and sees 7 that they cannot lay at this turn. Then they get rid of 12 by placing it onto 11. All that goes on until the player cannot lay anything onto the table.

Completed decks are discarded to give a free space for a new deck.

Joker cards 'J' can replace any card.

The player’s turn is finished when the player dropping one of their cards onto the backup deck to their right. Players can lay any number of cards onto discard piles deck and lay them in any order. However, players can only take cards from the top of the deck.

About Skido

Skido is a challenging and free card game that allows offline (no wifi) mode. It looks amazing, resembling a patience, i.e. a card game involving little interaction between players. And though the game is not knowledge-intensive or complex, it has strategic elements that can make the game even more intriguing. Play with no wifi, offline!

Give yourself a try in Skido!

*** Disclaimer ***
* The game is intended for an adult audience.
* The game does not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.
* Practice or success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at "real money gambling".


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25 条评价


Too many! Also stopping the game forAdvertising 3-4 times a game ! I reallyLoved your game but exhausted waitingTo resume game. I would definitely payTo stop the advertising!!!


If you’re craving Skip-bo, this will help

Its a nice game to wind down with in the evening.



Overall an enjoyable game. My only annoying aspect of the game is the astounding lack of jokers when you could truly benefit from their use. It doesn’t seem ‘random’ at all. Too conveniently non conveniently available. ; (


I’s ok....

Game play is what you expect but it’s just a way to pass time. There’s no drag & drop : you have to tap to select a card, tap to move it, tap, tap, tap.....also you chances of winning are slim.


Sorry this game is horrible!

I have the original Skido game and I LOVE IT!! I REFUSE to pay for a game that played ads at least 5 times while I was playing the game. I have no problem with ads in between hands, but absolutely NOT in the middle of a hand. AND I already paid for it so there is no way I will pay again for a crappy game as this. You can’t even win on Easy!! Would have given you a 0 if it were possible. I play the original game EVERYDAY, at least 4 times along with the one like phase 10. You all missed the mark on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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