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Slides is an elegant image browser and manager.

Key features:

• Rotate, flip, resize and crop images. Multiple selections supported.

• Choose between a list or column view to browse folders.

• Slides view: displays thumbnails of the images and folders member of the current folder.

• Recurse option: shows the entire content of the current folder and all of its subfolders at once.

• A preview pane shows the selected image. If a folder is selected rather than a picture it reveals a mosaic of the images it contains. Even more: moving the mouse over that panel will cycle through the content.

• Zoom feature on the preview pane.

• Instant slideshow complete with transition effects and more.

• Option to automatically find and assign pictures to represent the folders in the slides view for a more visual impact than the system's default.

• Slides keeps track of your favourite image editors to give you quick and direct access to them.

• Manage your favourite folders for quick access.

• Information panel including picture-related properties.

• Full support for copy & paste as well as dragging file operations. Cut operations are also supported within Slides.

• File operations are orderly achieved within a queue that can be paused and allows tasks to be canceled.

• Assign tags to files and folders.

• Filter options: files, folder, both; tags.

Other features:

• Display the content of the pasteboard.

• Copy an image directly to the clipboard.

• Customize the appearance of the slides and preview panels with themes, borders, shadow and more.


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