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Slomo is a helpful app to practice a song, master a solo and learn to play by ear without the need of musical background theory.

Ever wanted to know how to play that tricky part? With Slomo it's easier than ever.

・slow down playback rate
・loop parts easily
・store and recall multiple loops per song
・export a loop as an audio file in any speed (macOS High Sierra and higher)
・zoom in to refine your loop
・adapt the pitch to your instrument's tune or to transpose the song
・emphasize a specific instrument with the easy-to-use-one-knob-filter
・drag and drop from Finder or iTunes
・fast and reliable audio engine
・lotsa keyboard shortcuts
・touchbar support
・native Apple Silicon support

Open a track or drop it onto the app from the Finder or iTunes. Make a selection with the mouse in the lower waveform to loop it over and over again. Refine it by dragging on the left or right side until it loops flawless. Zoom in to have a more detailed view of the music track. Slow down the playback rate to pick out the notes and to practice this part at a speed your comfortable with. If needed, adapt the pitch to your instrument's tune or to transpose the song.

Save a loop by clicking on the plus sign above the selection. Save as many loops as you want. The active loop is bright while the inactive ones are dark. Recall a saved loop by clicking on the selection in the upper overview waveform or cycle through them with a keyboard shortcut. All loop markers are saved with the song and are available next time you open the song. Loops or the whole file can be exported to an audio file so that you can share it or continue practicing on another device.

The Tone filter helps to emphasize the instrument you want to hear. Try to catch the fundamental frequency to get the best effect. E.g. if you want to pick out a bass line go for 100Hz. You'll find a guitar solo around 800Hz. Push the frequency label to turn the filter on and off.

Have fun!

+++ Check out the video on our website! +++

We always love your feedback. If you have any suggestion or encounter problems write to:


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