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Simple and efficient application to facilitate making and modifying animated gifs! Makes it easy and fast to create gifs from images or videos.

--- Simple UI
Easily create new, or modify existing gifs.
Easily add and remove frames to a gif.
Click frames to modify images, or drag images to the frames.

Preview gifs before exporting them.

--- Drag and drop
Drag images from Finder to add to the gif.
Drag frames inside the app to change the order.

--- Import and export
Import gifs or movies, or create gifs entirely from individual images.
Imports .gif, .mov and .mp4.
Add .png, .jpg, .bmp, .tiff or .gif images to the gif.

Export workspace as .gif.

--- Settings
Set the frame duration of individual or all frames.
Set the loop counter of the gif.

--- Editor
Edit frames in the gif using Paint-like features.
Draw directly on frames, with varying colors and brush sizes.
Use eraser and eyedropper tools to make editing easier!

--- Extras
- Reverse gifs,
- Set all frame durations at once.

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