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发行商: Robert Kanzamar
价格: 免费



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Snippetfox merges sticky notes and bookmark management into a productivity app that organizes weblinks and information on a huge 2D-scrollable canvas.

The main purpose of Snippetfox is to structure and utilize the content of websites in a visual context. Each sticky note stores a weblink of its own and has a Go button that can launch websites on the standard browser.

The background canvas is scrollable horizontally and vertically with an area that can be expanded to very large sizes. Even though efficient and lightweight, Snippetfox offers powerful functionalities like multiple tabs, item search or item list for processing the workbook.

* Create Link Boxes easily via left-click. Link Boxes can be resized, minimized and moved freely on the canvas
* 500 Link Boxes per tab
* Edit title, URL and notes/ keywords text fields
* Select, copy and tabify Link Boxes (tabify = create a new tab from selected items)
* Apply default color to selected Link Boxes
* Item List for active tab or all tabs
* Search Link Boxes by title, URL, notes/ keywords
* Tabify selection or search result
* Clone Tab
* Save Workbook, Load Workbook and Export Tab as Workbook
* New in 1.1.0: Export Workbook as portable HTML file

* Comprehensive documentation including Snippetfox Help, Feature Overview, Create Helper Tab and Frequently Asked Questions
* Lightweight app (tested on a Mac Mini 2011 with 2GB RAM)
* High standards of privacy, transparency and clean code
* No collection of personal data
* Sandboxed local app with no underlying server components
* No advertising, analytical tools or third party SDKs


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