Spf - Screen Polarizer

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Spf is an easy-to-use, open source app to add a semi-opaque layer over your screen in order to better show highlights and low-visiblity elements in your designs or presentations.

Have you ever been in a meeting or presentation, trying to show work or a deck on a screen or projector that just isn't calibrated well for showing things like highlights or fine-details?

Hairline grays not showing up in critique? Lightweight icons practically invisible in your presentation? Highlights in imagery vanishing when presenting for an audience? Is the background wash of your design not stark enough to show card containers? Spf can help!

Spf works as a menu icon in your status bar which then allows you to select one of several options for polarizing all screens currently active. Once a polarizing filter has been applied, you can clear it using the same status bar menu.

Great for presentations or conference talks where minute details in what you're presenting matter! Also helpful as a quick privacy screen.

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