Stampnote - Timestamped Notes, Multiple Notebooks, Dropbox Sync, CSV Export

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Create timestamped notes that are easy to read and organize. Build chronologies and timelines for legal cases, pilot logbooks, driving logs, track of what you did at work, track billable hours, or keep a journal.

A list of notes is displayed on the left; create one then start adding timestamped entries.

Keep a running list of ideas (recipes, startups, inventions) and easily know when you came up with each one.

Great for following presentations or lectures - the timestamps in your notes will help you skip ahead to the important parts of recorded audio/video.

"I have hunted for months for an app that would do a simple task of logging all my appointments in their own category! With editable dates etc. thank goodness I finally came accross your app. It's perfect!" - Caroline Z.
"Just wanted to let you know how incredibly useful Stampnote has been for me. It is just perfect for keeping track of long term projects." - P. Lee
"Love the look and feel of this app. It's quick and very easy to use." - Anne P.
"Where have you been all my life?! Your app is exactly what I was looking for. I'm a real estate broker and need to keep a conversation log with my clients. Trying to do it properly with paper is almost impossible. This is a major breakthrough for me." - Steve W.
"I LOVE this app! I do not think anyone will actually be able to think of all the potential uses it has. The simplicity is perfect for so many things." - Brian J.
"I like Stampnote. It does just what I want it to do, simple and easy." - K. Hardan
"I use Stampnote daily as a timeline tool for cases. It works great." - Terry H.

Export your notes as .csv files that can be easily opened in a spreadsheet application or text editor.

Link with your Dropbox account from the Preferences menu to enable sync across your devices (a universal iOS app is available, see link below).

- Clean, tabular layout that's easy to read: notes on left, entries on right
- See how much time you spent doing each activity
- Each new entry is automatically timestamped
- Edit dates and timestamps - double click or right click to begin editing
- Entries grouped by day for easy reference
- Export or print your log as a .csv file

Thanks for your support! Contact me if you need anything -

Stampnote for iOS:


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