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Do you ever find yourself working for too long, forgetting to take a break?
We know it harms your health, posture, eyes and the list can continue.
Stand Up, stretch and don't forget to do some eye exercises too! A few minutes of physical activity will help you focus better!

*Stand Up* app will show you your daily activity, helping you improve your break and standing time. By scheduling notifications you will never forget to get your deserved break. Notifications are relevant and won't trigger if the actions like taking a break or standing were already made. With the new Applications log, you can see in which apps you're spending the most time so that you can reduce distractions and focus on your work.

Your privacy is protected! We don't store any data and everything is erased from your computer the next day as well.

- View your daily activity. Take care of your break ratio throughout the day.
- Check how much time you're spending in each application and improve your productivity.
- Set the timer for notifications to stand up & use your standing desk.
- Setting up the Pomodoro technique for efficient working sessions.
- Get relevant notifications based on your actions.
- Delay notifications when you need more focused time.
- All features in one small icon in the menu bar.
- Support for Dark Mode.

Easy to use, great for productivity and health.
Sitting is the worst! Take regular breaks!

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