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StarMoney - Financemanagement

发行商: Star Finanz GmbH
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• Different kinds of accounts at various German banks and Sparkassen in only one place
• Integration of more accounts, e.g. eBay, PayPal, Amazon
• Inclusion of many credit cards, e.g. VISA, American Express, MasterCard
• Payment transactions such as money transfer, standing orders – in national or SEPA format
• SEPA conversion: account number and bank code will switch into BIC and IBAN
• The IBAN is sufficient, the BIC is completed automatically (IBAN only)
• Automatic transfer of billing data from the Clipboard
• Additional function for StarMoney Flat users: Take a photo of your bill within the StarMoney app by phone or tablet and pay the amount with StarMoney on your Mac
• Storage of payment orders in the Outbox for collective posting
• Retrieval of PDF account statements


• Manual setup of offline accounts
• Convenient data in/export in various formats
• Allocation of income and expenditure in categories
• Comprehensive reporting across different accounts
• Reports for income, expenditure and categories as chart, graphic or text
• Disposing of budgets and savings goals
• Comparisons of categories or periods


Simply complete StarMoney with two possibilities of automatically renewing subscriptions via in-app purchase:
• StarMoney Flat: € 5,49 incl. VAT per month
• StarMoney Mac: € 19,99 incl. VAT per year

Both subscriptions are paid with your payment method stored with Apple. It extends automatically if you don‘t cancel at least 24 hours prior to expiration of the current term. You can manage your subscription easily in your Apple account settings.

Here you can find our terms of use and the privacy policy: (EULA) (Terms of use) (Privacy policy)


• Use all applications of the StarMoney family on different platforms at just one price
• The synchronization function on request ensures that you have same current data inventory everywhere
• Access to the StarMoney banking cloud synchronization and backup of accounts (no depots), sales and categories of documents (e.g. account statements)
• The synchronization with StarMoney banking cloud is optional and is not automatically applied
• Secure, centralized data storage as backup
• 1 GB disk space
• Access to personal StarMoney customer area for the management of licenses, support info and more on


• StarMoney is TÜV a certified product
• Secure online-banking with HBCI - including HBCI-chip card/HBCI file
• High data encryption
• Secure SSL connections to data centers of German banks and Sparkassen
• Auto-lock when idle


• Automatic database transfer from some older StarMoney versions is easily possible
• Please check before buying in-app purchase, whether your institution is supported on
• Your accounts must be unlocked for Online Banking PIN/TAN with HBCI; the setting takes place via HBCI 2.2 / FinTS 3.0
• It is possible that not all accounts or credit cards are supported, even if your financial institution is supported


• Please visit and
• More information:

• Data privacy statement:


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