Stellar Repair for Photo

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Stellar Repair for Photo software Fixes corrupted, broken or damaged JPEG/JPG & other raw camera image files and restore them with easy and simple steps.

Stellar Repair for Photo
Powerful & Simple Software to Repair Corrupt Photos

Stellar Repair for Photo is an efficient DIY photo repair utility for home users and professional photographers who have lost their digital photos due to corruption. Along with JPEG/JPG and TIFF, the software repairs RAW photos of all popular brands of cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc. and restores them in JPEG format. The easy to use interface, good repair success rate, and prompt customer service makes Stellar Repair for Photo a preferred choice of millions of users round the globe.

Stellar Repair for Photo software helps repair your corrupt, broken, or distorted photos. You can easily repair corrupt photos shot with DSLR, GoPro, drones, or mobile phones. It supports repair of JPEG, TIFF, DNG, ARW, CR2, CRW, ERF, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, SR2, RW2, and SRF files stored in memory cards, SD cards, memory sticks, or hard drives etc. Stellar Repair for Photo has several advanced features such as — thumbnails recovery of severely corrupt photos; extended RAW file format support; Preview of repaired photos; and simultaneous repair of multiple photos of same or different formats.

Key Features:
• Repairs corrupt photos clicked from popular cameras
• Repairs multiple corrupt photos at a time
• Fixes blurry, grainy, pixelated, and grey areas in photos
• Extracts thumbnails from severely corrupt photos
• Preview of repaired photos before saving
• Repairs photos from memory cards, SD cards, memory sticks, and hard drives
• Supports macOS Mojave 10,14, High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 & 10.7
• 100% reliable & easy-to-use interface

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