Super Nitro Racing

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Super Nitro Racing is totally inspired by the old classic arcade racing games of the 80's, great gameplay and perfect cars control system makes

Super Nitro Racing as the first 100% arcade rally racing game on your iMac!

You have ten different circuits to race and a lot of other features that you will discover while playing.

The graphic is colourful and detailed, the cars have a very good control system, the sound is really nice;

listen the engine of your car and tries to keep it always at a good speed to snap the turbo when you need an extra boost!

These features that bring Super Nitro Racing at the top of the rally arcade racing games... hours and hours of fun await you with Super Nitro Racing

So get it now!

Product feature bullets:
• Ten awesome different rally tracks
• Great real rally car physics
• Cool audio soundtrack
• Awesome cute 2D graphics
• Cool sound effects
• Nitro Boost included
• Insane sideways rally action
• Ultra realistic cars handling

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