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SuperCopy is a powerful and easy-to-use copy and move files tool. SuperCopy using multi-threading technology and make full use of disk cache, greatly reduce the copy time.And support resume broken transfer,no matter what situation happened ,even the machine crash or abnormal shutdown,it can resume copy from interrupt, no need to start over, copy large file or many files can best reflect the advantages of this feature. SuperCopy is a essential tool for Mac !

Key Feature:
- Usually copy 5%~50% faster than Mac
- Pause / Resuming : At any time you may pause the copy-prosess, and continue later.
- Auto-pause on any error
- Resuming on Power Failure : If the computer is turned off during the copy prosess (ex. power-loss or system-crash), SuperCopy lets you resume when you restart.
- Show transfer speed(KB/S or MB/S)
- Show progress bar
- Show bytes remaining
- Support cartoon or color progress bar
- Support copy on network
- You can copy any files or folders at a time
- File size larger than 4GB also supported
- Support asia language file name
- You can customize the user interface. The background color of the copy windows and progress bar can be set

- You can press Command + X, Command + C, Command + V to cut, copy, paste directly, function of the system will be replaced. Of course, you can set other shortcuts.
- You can select some files in Finder, Right click, then Select "Super Copy", "Super Cut" or "Super Paste" to cut, copy, paste. You can select the items from the Services Preferences of system.

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