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TabScroll is a real multitask web-browser which allows you to scroll through your tabs.

TabScroll is for everyone working with multiple tabs:
- Determine how many tabs you want to see at the same time.
- Smart Tab Structure: Older tabs will first be presented in a preview before they appear in a vertical list with all of your open tabs.
- With one tap you can easily preview an old tab and place it back to your visible tabs.
- Resize your tabs from mobile to desktop and all sizes between.

Stop getting lost in clumsy tab-bars of your old browser and start finding your tabs again.

Keep tabs on your web!
TabScroll gives you a perfect overview like never before. Create your own web-app-desktop. Watch multiple live-streams, compare offers, news sources or just keep up with all your social media accounts, channels and conversations!

TabScroll does not collect any data of your usage. All information of your tabs are stored only on your device.

With TabScroll Pro Unlimited you will never ever have to care about closing tabs! Enjoy the full experience of the web. It allows you to leave open infinite tabs.

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