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Tabular is a rich tablature editor for macOS and iPadOS that lets you read and write music for guitar, bass, drums and much more. It's the best way to learn new songs, write your own music, and run through practice exercises for nearly any kind of stringed instrument or drum kit.

All of your music is neatly organized and managed for you in the app's integrated document library. You can choose to store your library in iCloud to sync to other Macs or the iPad companion app.

Practice tools allow you to master challenging songs and improve your technique by letting you start off slow and gradually increase the speed after each loop.


• Write music using tablature notation for nearly any stringed instrument
• A companion iPad app that stays in sync with iCloud
• Use one of the built-in instruments, or configure a custom one
• Full support for percussion tablature
• Multitrack scores
• MIDI playback with a variety of different instrument sounds
• Adjustable playback speed for practicing
• Configurable practice tools that can increase playback speed after each loop
• Large selection of notations including legato, vibrato, bends, slides, and grace notes
• Built-in document library integrated with the Files app to give you direct access to your data
• Visual fretboard lets you see where each note is played
• Document templates to quickly create new songs using your most common instrument configurations
• Built-in interactive tutorial
• Import from Guitar Pro 3/4/5 or MIDI file formats
• Export to MIDI or plain text (ASCII) formats
• Printing support
• No sketchy analytics or hidden data harvesting

Feel free to contact us on our support page at if you have any issues or feedback, and if you get a chance, leaving a quick review in the App Store would be very much appreciated! Thanks :)


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