Team Troopers

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Team Troopers is a team-based low poly art first-person shooter for everyone! Play with your friends and win against the opposing team and fight epic battles in a great low poly stylized world. If you are a fan of an awesome stylized low poly world, this game is definitely for you!

Play epic matches in team death match mode and get more frags than the other team to win the game. Or sneak into the enemies base and steal their flag in capture the flag mode. Or go as a one man army into the battle and win the game with the most frags!
Level up to upgrade your default loadout and buy attachments for your weapons to get your weapon, your way. As you progress in the game you unlock perks and upgrade your character abilities to support the team for instance as a medic, support or leader.


- Action-packed online first-person shooter
- Play against BOTS OFFLINE (only FFA and TDM Game mode)
- ONLINE multiplayer against PLAYERS
- Small shooting range to test your weapons
- Many different weapons to unlock and scope attachments to customize your weapons
- Different unlockable Perks
- Weapon customizer to customize your weapons
- Vehicles at the shooting test range as passenger or driver
- Three different game modes Free for all, Team Death Match and Capture the flag
- adjustable graphics and quality settings for low and high spec machines

if you encounter a bug or run into an issue, please feel free to reach out to the support.

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