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发行商: D2 Nova Corp.
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This is the messaging platform for professionals. We've brought the power and speed of a modern messaging app and added the capabilities needed for it to make sense within a work environment.

Use for free. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up for one for free through the app.

• Create your own private team conversation space
• Reach anyone on your team with direct messages
• Have private conversations with a subset of your team
• Create open topics that are viewable by everyone on your team
• Safely communicate outside your team by inviting guests to a specific topic or conversation
• Text out (SMS and MMS) to guests [This feature is limited to US phone numbers]
• Hold a conversation with team members, guests, and text message participants (SMS and MMS) at the same time
• Delegate admin responsibility to other users, so that they can manage your account
• Maintain your message history
• Share documents and images
• Quickly see who's online, who's in the conversation, and who’s typing
• Messages can be edited after they've been sent, so you can correct small errors and mistakes that would otherwise appear unprofessional
• View the change history for any message, so you always will know what was originally said

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