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This app includes 14 Website Templates for Adobe Muse software. Adobe Muse allows you to create and publish dynamic websites for desktop and mobile devices that meet the latest web standards — all without writing code. The Templates will help you to create beautiful websites much faster and easier. To create an awesome website, just open any template with Adobe Muse and add your own content, such as text or images. The rest of the website design is already created for you by the professional designer! You can also mix various elements from the different templates to make your websites even more unique and attractive!

Moreover, this app contains responsive and adaptive templates, so your websites will look amazing on any device. All the templates also have various widgets, fonts from Adobe Typekit, beautiful colors, stunning multi-page or one-page layouts, etc. Please visit our website to Preview all the Templates.

*Adobe Muse CC 2015 or later is required to use the Templates.

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