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Templates for MS-Office

发行商: Jun Xu
价格: 11.99 USD


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Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later, which has to be purchased separately.

Over 200 professionally designed PowerPoint templates.

Save Time:
Professionally looking presentations in just minutes - without a graphic designer or agency. Don't waste time with the elaborate preparation of presentations. Convince with design and content.

Save Effort:

Creating a gorgeous presentation with the templates is really simple. Just select the template, choose slides and replace the text boxes and the placeholders with your own content!

Easy Editing:
The PowerPoint templates can be easily adjusted to your corporate design colors. Complete the content with texts and images - Finished!

Quick Preview:
Just select a template and press the blank key on your keyboard to preview the whole template.

Direct Download of all your files:
Benefit from quick access to all our PowerPoint products! Once you complete the order process, we will provide all files as a direct download for immediate use.

Templates for MS-Word is a collection of over 100 template lines, designed to give a unified, outstanding design to all documents representing your company. Your modern business approach is showcased with eye-catching brochures, invoices, letters, envelopes, and business cards. With Templates for MS-Word, you can turn your documents into a part of a successful advertising campaign.

Templates for MS-Excel is a collection of over 60 template lines, designed to give a unified, outstanding design to all documents representing your company. You can choose from finance, charts, invoice and business proposals. All the templates are professionally designed to meet your needs.

* Very Handy
* Unique Designs
* Lots of categories
* Totally customizable
* Saves Time


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