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Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament.

Is a sporty tournament where players compete by playing Texas Hold’em Poker without money, the aim of the game is to let the other players without money.

The two largest and most well-known tournaments in the USA are the World Poker Tour championship event, held in Atlantic City (previously held in Las Vegas until 2014), and theWorld Series of Poker, held in Las Vegas. The World Series has traditionally been featured on ESPN. In the 1980s the Super Bowl of Poker was the second largest and most prestigious tournament.

The, at the moment game offer two tournament type:
- Limited
- No Limited

The player compete against others 9 CPU controlled players, CPU players are not simple automated, their behaviour is not predictable, they can also bluff.

The game can also be a learning tool and a great game strategy tool.

The game can create and save an hand of cards then use those cards for strategy testing.

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