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Create logos and other graphics like page headers, blog images and Youtube watermarks!

Watch video tutorials before you buy:

With The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software, you can create all kinds of web graphics.

Need a logo? What if you also want a page header? Or a watermark image for your videos? How about a Podcast cover or Blog graphic?

Create incredible images incredibly easy. The Logo Creator's powerful yet easy-to-use tools make creating graphics for your website and business fun!

Choose from over 200 awesome templates. Once you've chosen the perfect template - replace the text, add your own images, drag over 1000 built in images onto the canvas and then export your professional design for use on your website, your forum, blogs, Facebook pages, podcasts and whatever else you'll need professional graphics for.


** Unlimited designs with unlimited revisions! **

When you hire a designer - you'll get one, maybe two logo modifications. With The Logo Creator, you can revise your images a thousand times if you want!

** Over 200 templates to personalize! **

200 templates, a thousand possibilities. You can mix, match and customize each template. Add your own images if you want! The software comes with built in fonts AND, you can use whatever fonts you have on your Mac!

** Hundreds of amazing logo elements built into the software! **
Just drag and drop any of of the 300 logo elements right onto the canvas.

**Create MORE than just logos! **

Page headers, blog images, podcast covers, covers for your new eBook, marketing images, graphics for your forum or Facebook pages... the sky's the limit!


That’s right! SELL the images you create with the software! Once you purchase The Logo Creator, you’ll also have a license to offer highly compelling and in demand solutions to your clients!

The Logo Creator is the ultimate software for creating powerful logos, blog images, podcast covers, eBook images, Facebook timeline images and SO much more! No Photoshop, Nothing to Draw.

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