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Tidy Up 5 is our new generation of duplicate finders and disk tidiness. It's the only fully-featured duplicate remover available on the market. Tidy Up is designed for pro users that need a modern and efficient tool.

Tidy Up 5 is completely re-engineered, modern, efficient and totally customizable. Below are just a few of the major new features.

Supports Lightroom: it is now possible to search and collect duplicates directly in the Lightroom library.

Multiple libraries support: capability to search in the supported apps (Lightroom, Photos, iTunes, Mail, Aperture and iPhoto) by comparing multiple libraries of the same app with multiple libraries of different apps of the same kind (for example 2 Photos libraries and 3 Lightroom libraries).

Added the support to hard links: search for hard links or exclude them from the search and replace the found items with hard links.

Search for unique items gains strength: it’s now possible to use multiple criteria to search for unique items (items that have no duplicates).

New, completely redesigned interface, easy to use and powerful.

Tidy Up 5 organizes the result separating the found items by file kinds, (music, images, PDFs, folders, etc.). It's completely customizable and allows you to add more file kinds at your choice. The new organization is based on the tab separation and each tab has its settings, such as smart boxes, separation by searched sources, view by grid or list etc.

Tidy Up 5 comes with a search mode called Simple Mode, which includes more than 80 pre-defined smart searches.
Advanced mode, it is the most customized method offered on the market. It allows you to find only the needed item kinds by refining in depth the criteria to use when performing the search.

Tidy Up 5 is fast and accurate. It doesn't index the scanned volumes, so you don't waste additional precious space.
Tidy Up 5 shows the information by file type for an easy and efficient removal.

The result is shown by grid or list. The items are divided by kind and each tab kind can be customized.

For a quick and easy organization, found items can separated through the use of "Smart Boxes".
For example, smart boxes can be used to separate the items belonging to a specific album, playlist or mailbox of the supported app (i.e. Photos, iTunes, Mail, etc.).

The removing view has many features that include:
- Remove the marked, unmarked or all items;
- Replace the removed files with hard links, symbolic links or aliases;
- Move or copy the items to a specific location instead of deleting them.

Moreover, it is always possible to restore the removed items in case a mistake was made.
It is also possible to save the result to continue the cleaning job at a later time.

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