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Time Lapse Movie allows you to make Time Lapse Movies with just a few clicks. You can import JPG or TIF pictures, or Tether your (SLR) camera to have the images automatically taken and transferred to your Mac. Works with all SLR cameras. Allows you to set a timer for recording or use the already taken time-lapse shots on your Mac. With a slider you can preview the movie, delete frames if you want, and set the length for the frames, so you have control over how long your movie will be.
The FPS option allows you to set the number of frames per second. Even if your camera does not have a TimeLapse mode, you can now create TimeLapse movies in the resolution of your camera, by connecting it to your Mac with a USB cable. The timer also allows you to make TimeLapse movies when you are not there. (Note that tethering your camera takes power, so if you set a timer for much later, using a power supply to your camera is recommended. If you have any issues or suggestions for improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us.
To test if Time Lapse Movie will capture directly from your camera, please try our free Camera Tether App. Even if direct capture is not supported for your camera, you can always load JPG pictures manually using the menu File Open.

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