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Download Toon Goggles to watch fun and educational cartoons and play engaging games.

Finally, an entertainment destination safe for kids to watch and play what, when and where they want!

With the Toon Goggles - On-Demand Entertainment for Kids application, anyone can enjoy kid-safe and parent-friendly cartoons and games.

- Parental control switch to monitor viewing
- 6 show categories including boys, girls, action, comedy, preschool, and educational--allowing children to easily find what they love.
- 6 game categories including arcade, puzzle, sports, action, strategy and adventures--teaching children new skills through exciting gameplay.
- Constantly updated with new and unique content from around the world, including full series and feature-length movies!
- All content is parent-friendly and reviewed extensively before being released.
- Create your own Toon Goggles account, avatar and screen name through the app!
- Jump! to a suggested show at the touch of a button!
- Quickly get to previous and next episode in a series!
- Registered users can resume videos!
- Registered users can see Recently Watched shows!
- Stream HQ video via Cellular connection or Wi-Fi!
- Watch Toon Goggles on your Apple TV with Airplay!

Go visit to create your own “Toon Strip” episode queue online and to play an unlimited number of games!

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