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* A Fun new twist on a classic word creation game *

TopWords is an addictive new word creation game. The game starts with an 'anchor' word chosen from the huge 135,000+ dictionary already placed on the board. The game then choses another word for you to break up and place on the board. The new words you create must be connected to any already placed words on the board. Be quick as you must finish the round before the bomb explodes.
When you have placed your new words or just panic as the bomb timer runs out, press the bomb to stop the timer and end the round.

Use up all your letters each round or lose a life. When all your lives are gone it's game over!

Manage to place a word on one of the bonus squares and earn double,treble or quadruple points, not to mention the board also contains some high additional point squares.

You can break up the 'given' word as many times as you like to try and use up all the letters.

TopWords uses it's own high score server to enable Mac OSX users to post high scores to the whole world so you are playing against all TopWord players everywhere on every platform. Can you become the Worlds number one TopWords champion?

All the words in the dictionary are genuine words but over 70,000 of them are not in everyday use so be prepared to expand your own personal vocabulary. Please email any comments, improvements, or problems to and we will strive to incorporate them into future updates.

Features of TopWords

135,000+ Words in the dictionary.
70,000 not in common use.
Bomb timer with 60 seconds on the clock.
Bonus squares.
Highly addictive!!
High-score table connecting all players of TopWords.

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