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This application bridges TP-Link Kasa smarthome devices with Apple HomeKit. With no configuration required, the App is very simple to use.

You need one or more TP-Link devices on your home wifi network and the app needs to run on a mac on the same network. TPL Bridge takes very little processor time or resources, but it does need to be running all the time.

The App creator has no affiliation with TP-Link, but is just an avid user. Their devices can be found at

TPL Bridge will detect all your TP-Link devices configured on the local network. The TP-Link device can be switched on and off, and where supported by the device, brightness, color temperature or color.

It has been tested with HS100, HS110, LB100, LB110, LB120 and LB130, and is likely to work with most other devices in the series. Users report success with KP200, KP210, KP220s. Experimental support included for HS300 which may also work with HS107, KP200 or KP400 too. Please send feedback if you find a device is unsupported.

TP-Link and Kasa are trademarks of TP-Link enterprises.

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