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Translator Suite is an automatic translator which is invaluable for language students, people travelling abroad, people who need to read or write texts in foreign languages, translators who need to increase their productivity by creating a provisional translated text in order to fully edit it later, etc.

Main features
- Translates entire texts, maintaining the original format.
- Translates sentences and paragraphs entered by the user.
- Translate documents in multiple formats: PDF, DOCX, RTF, HTML, TXT, etc.
- Program recognizes grammar rules, sentence structures, idioms and patterns.
- Searches for translations and conjugations of words.
- Allows you do add new words to the dictionary and edit words that already exist.
- Shows source sentences and translated sentences together, allowing for easier analysis of the words that have been translated.
- Shows translations and conjugations of the words contained in the text.
- Shows the list of words in the dictionary.
- Works without internet access.

How it works:
Translator Suite is an intelligent program that works not by interpreting individual words one by one, but by translating text in phrases and sentences, taking grammar and idiom into account.

To achieve the final translation, it conjugates verbs, establishes agreement between nouns and adjectives, and reviews language patterns so the resulting sentence is clearly translated.

Language Pairs Included:

- English -> Spanish
- English -> French
- English -> Italian
- Spanish -> English
- French -> English
- Italian -> English

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