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Clean outdated iOS device backups, software updates, and other iTunes supporting data.
1. Cleans unused iOS data from mac(Remove already-used iOS data, including old software updates,device backups, and more.)

2. Detects broken downloads(Dispose of any incomplete iTunes downloads, which cannot be seen in iTunes but waste space).
iOS Device backups: All of your iOS device backups are stored on your Mac. You can easily remove old backups without losing any data, while recovering lots of space.

iOS Applications: iTunes saves backup copies of iOS apps that you download to your iPhone or iPad. Removing these copies from iTunes won’t affect your devices.

iTunes Cache: When manipulating audio and video content, iTunes generates a significant amount of cache, including cached album artwork that is easily cleanable.

iOS Software Updates: Every time you update your iOS device via cable sync, it leaves all the update data on your Mac, wasting significant amounts of space.

iTunes Broken downloads: Due to several reasons, iTunes can collect incomplete files among its data. These may be broken iOS apps, podcasts, movies, etc.

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