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Tutor for Numbers

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***** "Well worth the money. Detailed and easy to understand"
***** "Great Video Lessons!"
***** "Wow! Very detailed and very easy to follow."

Download today and start learning how to use Numbers, Apple's spreadsheet app. This tutorial includes 58 how-to videos on Numbers and covers the major features including saving your spreadsheet in the cloud and moving it to your computer, filling columns of cells, creating 3D and interactive charts, adding functions and formulas, sorting and filtering data, and sharing and collaborating. Everything you need to get the most out of Numbers!

Find out how to:
- save Spreadsheet Templates
- restore previously saved versions of your spreadsheet
- style text, charts, tables, shapes, and media
- paste and match style
- create interactive charts
- filter rows to hide data
- use conditional formatting in cells
- draw your own shapes with Draw with Pen
- make colors transparent with Instant Alpha
- add comments to cells
- collaborate with iCloud
- do more with Numbers!

Videos include:
Getting Around Numbers
- Creating Spreadsheets by Choosing a Template
- Saving Spreadsheets to the Cloud and Computer
- Reverting to a Previously Saved Version
- A Quick Look at the Interface
- Working with Sheets
- Customizing the Toolbar
- Numbers Preferences
Working with Text
- Adding and Selecting Text
- Styling Text Boxes
- Styling Paragraphs and Characters
- Working with Text Layouts
- Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste and Match Style
Working with Tables
- Adding, Selecting, Moving, and Resizing Tables
- Adding, Movings, and Resizing Rows and Columns
- Header Rows and Columns and Footer Rows
- Changing the Appearance of Tables and Cells
- Sorting Columns
- Filtering Rows
- Conditional Highlighting
- Formatting Cells
- Filling Consecutive Cells
- Merging and Adding Controls to Cells
- Entering Formulas and Functions
Working with Charts
- A Quick Look at Chart Types
- Adding, Selecting Moving, and Resizing Charts
- Adding and Editing Chart Data
- Styling Charts
- Styling Elements of a Chart
- Chart Types including 2D, 3D, and Interactive Charts
Working with Shapes
- Adding, Resizing, Altering, and Styling Shapes
- Adding and Styling Lines
- Draw Shapes with Draw with Pen
- Adding Text to Shapes
- Advanced Shape Options
Working with Media
- Adding, Resizing, and Styling Photos
- Making Photo Adjustments
- Adding a Mask to Images
- Adding Transparency with Instant Alpha
- Adding Movies and Movie Options
- Adding Audio and Audio Options
Arranging and Layering Objects
- Sending Objects to the Front or Back
- Aligning and Distributing Objects
- Rotating, Flipping, Grouping, and Locking Objects
- Connecting Objects
- Adding Comments
Sharing your Spreadsheet
- Sharing and Exporting by Sending a Copy
- Sharing and Collaborating Via iCloud
- Printing your Spreadsheet

Our tutorials have been download over 250,000 times! Download today and learn more about Numbers on your Mac!


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