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UH Enterprise is a new fast, secure and convenient alternative to other large scale corporate VPN platforms. It offers the following features:

1. Speed: Be the fastest VPN system available, by utilising cryptographically accelerated server hardware and VPN clients designed specifically to use the latest standards in networking.

2. Security: Utilise the most cutting edge cryptographic algorithms to ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of a user’s data is never compromised.

3. Indistinguishability: Ensure UH Enterprise is usable anywhere in the world, no matter the censorship in place, by combining state of the art masking technology with the VPN protocol.

4. Easy Deployment: Be the quickest corporate VPN platform to set up. UH Enterprise employs a simple scheme based upon one-time passwords to perform the initial cryptographic exchange; removing the need for complex standard operating procedures for distributing keys and certificates.

5. Centralised Authentication Management: Be the simplest and most convenient corporate VPN platform to manage. Authentication and identity management is handled through an intuitive web-interface, allowing access control to be handled by authorised personnel at any time, anywhere in the world.

6. Custom Servers: UH Enterprise allows corporations to utilise VPN servers hosted in their offices/premises, enabling employees or remote workers to access their corporate resources anywhere in the world.

7. White Labeled Applications: UH Enterprise offers the ability for corporations to easily customise user facing applications to match their branding.

Find out more at https://docs.uh-enterprise.com or get in touch at enquiries@ultra-horizon.com

A detailed breakdown of the information we collect, how we process this information and what we share with third parties can be found within our privacy policy: https://docs.uh-enterprise.com/privacy

By using this application you agree to abide by our terms of service found at: https://docs.uh-enterprise.com/terms

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