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uMobileCam Camera

发行商: UBNTEK Co., Ltd.
价格: 免费


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This app is an audio and video surveillance solution for your mobile iOS devices. This app enables you to turn camera-enabled OS X Lion computers into network cameras with audio and motion detection capabilities. It allows you to remotely monitor multiple live audio and video feeds from iOS mobile devices over Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

* Main Features
▶ Listen and watch your built-in iSight/USB camera live through iOS devices
▶ Up to 8 numbers of Mac computers including iOS devices can be configured
▶ Direct access to video streams between Mac and iOS devices without 3rd party application
▶ No need to open ports or configure router or get static IP or DDNS
▶ 2 Way audio (Push to talk)
▶ Secured layer encryption for account authentication (user ID & Key, and Password)
▶ USB/Built-in Webcams are supported
▶ Automatically capture images or videos by in-app motion/face and audio detection
▶ Send event detection alerts over Push notification to iOS monitor devices
▶ Event-detected recordings can be optionally save the images to local folder on your Mac or Cloud server
▶ Support iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox
▶ Audio & Motion Detection with adjustable sensitivity up to 10 levels
▶ Easily retrieve images by event type and date stored in your local folder or your Cloud account

* Get Started
▶ Download this app to your Mac computer
▶ Get “uMobileCam: All-In-One Mobile Surveillance” app for your mobile iOS devices from iTunes App Store
▶ Connect your mobile iOS devices to this app on your Mac

* Note
- Your Mac devices are required to be connected to public networks.
- Encrypted string randomly generated by user ID and Key is sent to the server for registration. Additional encrypted Password string is saved only between camera side and monitor side on your devices. We do not save your ID and Key and Password, thus you should make a note of them and keep it in a safe place just in case OR you can set the auto log in feature.
- Password must contain any alpha-numeric characters (lower/upper alphabet character and 0~9 digits)
- Simultaneously capturing both video and audio feed may cause increased video frame and audio delays
- Push notification to iOS monitor side device could be delayed by depending on your network performance
- If you get UPnP Error message, make sure that UPnP is enabled in your router. If you are still having problems, you need to manually forward ports in your router by referring to

* How to Setup
- Select “Settings” button at the upper right tab
- Do the settings by filling out the required fields
- Device name: Enter the name you want to assign to your Mac device
- User ID: Enter the user ID of your device as you want (case sensitive, 6~24 char size)
- Key: Enter the Key of your device as you want (case sensitive, 6~24 char size)
- Password: Enter the password of your device as you want (case sensitive, 6~24 char size)
- Do the optional settings as follows:
+ Motion & audio detect: enable motion & audio detection capability
+ Notification: push notification to iOS monitor device when the event is detected
+ Port type: need to be automatically or manually forwarded the port in your router
- Do click “save settings” tab in the bottom

If you have any suggestions or other comments, click the Help menu.


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