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Vader Blox

发行商: Norbyte
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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This game may look familiar, but it's different.
Really. Scout's honor!
Sure, it's still color-matching down a well, but it has...

...wait for it...

Ta da! Alien monsters from outer space!
They're called vaders and seeing them is truly one of life's defining moments.

To set the mood:
Imagine somewhere far far away, both in time and space.
You're in charge of a quantum field block reactor, where the energy is generated by color-matching the falling blocks that contain a special kind of radiation (yes, really!).

You can upgrade the free app to Pro through a simple one time in-app purchase.
The Pro upgrade will unlock over 30 game variations divided into 4 sectors and introduce you to new game elements and different types of 'vaders'.

The Green Sector:
Features some variations on the basic gameplay, all requiring slightly different tactics.

The Blue Sector:
Introduces the 'Chain Reward'.
When you get a reaction that is immediately followed by another that's a chain reaction!
When the 'Chain Reactions' meter is filled, the falling stacks of blocks will be unicolored for a period of time.

The Yellow Sector:
Introduces the 'Color Reward'.
If the 'Color Repeats' meter is empty, the next reaction selects the color.
Only reactions with the selected color will increase the meter, but if you fail to keep a steady flow of reactions (any color) the level will decrease!
When the meter is filled, all remaining blocks of that color will be ejected (if none are left, all blocks in the bottom row will disappear instead).

The Red Sector:
The games in this sector have both the Chain Reward (found in the Blue Sector) and the Color Reward (found in the Yellow Sector).
If you haven't yet mastered the Blue and Yellow sectors, you won't succeed here!


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