Video Joiner & Merger

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Merge multiple videos into one video easily.In order to add the videos, just drag and drop them to the application.The joining order of the videos could be arranged inside the application as well.The generated videos are of high quality.

Merging multiple videos into one video helps to organise similar or related videos in an efficient way. It also reduces cluttering on the system.
For example :
**You can combine vacation, wedding and family videos into a much more enjoyable movie file.
**If there are videos taken on a holiday or there are videos of multiple lectures on a topic, you could combine these videos into one video.

You can even merge hundreds of videos at once.The application supports MP4,M4V and MOV video formats.

You could merge the videos of different resolutions & sizes.You could also merge a MP4 video with MOV video or M4V video. i.e. The videos of different formats could be merged as well using the application.
You could also merge landscape and portrait videos together using the application.The merged video is created in MP4 format.

It also has inbuilt Video previewer and player.Using this feature, the videos play automatically when you click on any of them.This helps to identify if the videos are added correctly.

To get more detailed information on the Video, just right click on it inside the application. On right clicking , a menu will appear.Using the menu options you could view the location of video in finder or get detailed information on it as well.

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