VideoStiller ~截下影片的精采「瞬间」!

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Videos are an immense treasure trove of photos. Find those special "moments" that you may have never realized were right there all along!

Major features:
Flexible still image extraction features for turning your videos into an immense photo collection.
- Equipped with a flexible seek feature so you won't overlook those special "moments."
- Frame-by-frame seeking, and consecutive still frame capture is made possible.

Animated GIF creation feature
- Captured frames can be exported as an Animated GIF.

Bookmark your favorite scenes.
- By bookmarking scenes, you can quickly playback your favorite scenes. You can also categorize your bookmarks into groups. You can also add comments and stars.

Use as a video jukebox
- Video files will be automatically registered to your library, and you can easily switch around videos for playback like a jukebox.

Exporting Bookmark Groups to HTML

Supported video formats: QuickTime-supported formats including mpeg, mov, mp4, H.264 and more.

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