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Adopt the largest mammal on earth with the Virtual Pet Elephant! Play games, dress up in funny outfits, and forage for food to keep your elephant happy and healthy!

Download the Virtual Pet Elephant today while it's 50% OFF for a very limited time!

Game Features
+ INTERACTIVE 3D ELEPHANT - This impressive pachyderm is at your command with beautiful tusks, a powerful trunk, and more!
+ DOZENS OF ACTIVITIES - Forage for some tasty vegetation, learn about your elephant, pet it's trunk, and even play dress-up!
+ CARE FOR YOUR PET - Look after your elephant's well-being by managing four different stats: Hunger, Thirst, Health, and Happiness!
+ CUSTOMIZE YOUR ELEPHANT - Pick your favorite colors, add a funky hat, and even name your new pet!
+ BEAUTIFUL SAVANNA - Behold your elephant's gorgeous 3D home in the virtual savanna!
+ HD GRAPHICS - Stunning High Definition graphics look so real you'll fall in love with your elephant at first sight!

Download Virtual Pet Elephant and control the largest mammal roaming the Earth today!

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