Virtual Rides 2

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Virtual Rides® 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the fairground rides simulator Virtual Rides®.

Control five unique fairground rides in a completely simulated carnival. Stroll past numerous stalls and watch the virtual visitors to the fair as they queue up for the fairground rides and hop onboard. Or ride the ride yourself for as long as you want!

Take on the role of the director: get behind the steering console and operate the five included fairground rides just the way you want. If visitors like your ride, they'll definitely be back for more! If you thought your ride was spectacular, simply record it and save it for next time or share it with the community.

Along with controlling the movements of the rides, you can also operate other effects like fog, spotlights, chase lights or other lighting effects as you like. You can also play your own music in the integrated music player or switch your microphone on and narrate the ride – with echo effects. Just like the real thing!

With the integrated design packages, you can change the way your fairground rides look. Want a circus or space theme? Or how about a jungle theme? Whatever you want!

• five unique, varied fairground rides that you can control
• microphone function with echo, integrated music player and jingle player
• on-ride camera - take a seat on your ride
• live carnival - visitors stroll across the square and come along on the rides
• change the way your fairground rides look with the design packets provided


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