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The Vizzlo Desktop App features over 100 powerful and simple-to-use data-driven and concept-driven charts and graphics. Whether you are creating a business presentation or report, tracking your project milestones, or visualizing research data, Vizzlo can help you achieve professional results with minimal effort.

Incorporating the application into your workflow is easy, thanks to a growing number of integrations and a fully functional offline mode. Vizzlo is also available as a browser-based tool, so you can access it from anywhere.

Use Vizzlo to:
- Create different types of charts and business graphics, including timelines, Gantt charts, bar and circular graphs, and much more.
- Customize your visualizations to match your brand identity
- Save time while preparing visual aids for presentations and reports
- Collaborate with teammates
- Integrate into your workflow and tools you already use, including PowerPoint and Google Slides.
- Work offline

App features:
- Create, open and update local and cloud documents
- 100+ charts, tailored for different use-cases, e.g., project management, finance and economics, sales and marketing, etc.
- Easy data import (CSV and XLSX)
- Corresponding web app
- A growing list of integrations and add-ons
- Collaboration with shared folders and documents
- Embed your charts in presentations, the web, or export them.

Designer-grade quality:
- No designer-skills needed, all charts and graphics have been professionally designed to deliver precise and beautiful results
- Create themes to keep all your visualizations consistent
- Export high-quality PNGs and, as a premium user, vectors PDF.

Download the app, choose a visualization from the portfolio and start customizing. Present and impress!

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