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Weavy - The high-speed markup tool for web developers.

发行商: Go Yoshida
价格: 免费


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Brings more speed, more flexibility, and fewer errors in your HTML workflow. Weavy is designed for you to be able to start coding immediately after downloading. The predefined templates are provided to create your own website easily.

Weavy has an ability to handle the project that includes multiple HTML pages.
The project also includes template files, that define common parts of pages.
With templates, you can concentrate on the content when you deal with each page.

Templates are also editable.
So everything generated is under your control.
The look of the common part of the website can be changed anytime by editing templates.

This app is equipped with "the weavy language" and its editing/compiling interfaces.
In fact, all the pages and templates are written in the weavy language.
The weavy language is a small easy-to-learn meta language that makes possible to produce accurate HTML tags.
Possibly you have already known the essence of the language.
Because the syntax of the weavy language is similar to CSS selectors.

The feature of this app:
- With the predefined Bootstrap project base, you can immediately start responsive coding.
(The project base is a starting point for a new project.)
- Your project can be exported as a new project base which is reusable for another projects.
- You can also edit single pages (single weavy files).
- Views the corresponding HTML tags immediately by real-time compilation.
- Generates an appropriate tag when a media file is passed to the project by drag-and-drop.

The feature of the weavy language:
- Meta language of HTML, designed to increase maintainability and reusability.
- Reduces simple grammar mistakes in HTML by the compilation process.
- Easy-to-learn CSS-like syntax.
- Auto-generating closed tags.
- Placeholder and variable definition features make templating easy.
- It is possible to insert comments that will not appear in the produced HTML.
- Raw HTML tags can be inserted if needed.

# For more information, please refer to our website.


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