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If you like Spotlight you definitely will like Web SearchSpot for Google!

This Application allows you quick access to Google™-Search in an easy way as you know it from Spotlight.
Just press "ALT+SPACE" and type in your search string. After pressing return, your default browser opens with Google™ search result. Thereby it does not matter which application is currently in foreground or in which space you are. Web SearchSpot for Google works reliable everywhere!
So, there is no need to open your browser or a new tap and navigate to www.google.com any longer- Web SearchSpot for Google takes care of this!

Try it now - Searching was never so easy!

- configure your preferred toggle keyboard shortcut (default setting is "ALT+SPACE")
- configure the Google site of your choice (.com, .at, .it, .de, ...)
- uses your configured default browser (Safari, FireFox, Chrome, ...)
- opens your default browser or a new tab for searching
- configure if Web SearchSpot for Google should appear under your current mouse position
- supports autocompletion (internet required)

If you have any questions, suggestions or troubles please mail to support@mf-apps.com

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