Wet.FM - 3D Music World

发行商: Sine Wave Entertainment
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Join the 3D music revolution.

Wet.FM is a brand new platform that brings a multi-player 3D world and your favorite music together in one place.

Test your rhythmic skill by matching the beats to the moves of your avatar's dance animations. Score big points to earn currency and unlock hundreds of useable dance animations, so you can make your own music videos or host your own virtual dance parties.

Attend live events. Make friends. Show off your skills, and dance all night long.

- Attend music events from your favorite bands or DJ's streamed live into a beautiful 3D world.
- Customize your avatar with thousands of possible combinations, including exclusive event-only items.
- Play our brand new dance game to unlock new moves from hundreds of real motion-captured animations—with more being added each week.
- Both in-world and online leader boards keep track of your successes, so you can go head-to-head with your friends.
- Upload your own music to share, or join your friends at a live event – no matter where you are in the world.
- Private customizable venues so you can throw your own parties.
- Be part of the newest way to experience music.

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