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Need to view a document from a non-Mac PC? There's an app for that!

Office Document Viewer can open, display, and convert the most popular document file formats, including:

• Microsoft Outlook Winmail DAT and EML
• Corel WordPerfect WPD
• Microsoft Works WPS
• Microsoft Works WDB
• Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX
• Open XML Paper XPS and OXPS
• Microsoft Excel XLS and CSV
• And Many More!

Finally, you can view the contents of PC documents and email attachments without having to ask a friend to borrow their PC laptop!

Questions? Send us an email at info@lawbox.com – our response time is measured in lickety splits.

Office Document Viewer Pro converts a wide variety of PC documents into formats that other Mac applications can read and edit. Drag and drop files into Office Document Viewer Pro, or open them directly.

Office Document Viewer Pro is NOT an editor: it converts your PC documents into a format that can be read on your Mac. Once you've exported your document, you can edit the results in your word processor, image editor, or spreadsheet application of choice.

Office Document Viewer Pro supports a wide variety of word processor formats, including WordPerfect 4-11 (Windows), and WordPerfect 1-3.5 (Mac); Microsoft Works 2.0 for DOS and Works 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for Windows (Works for Mac is NOT supported); and Microsoft Word (all versions).

Office Document Viewer Pro does NOT preserve complex page formatting from word processor documents, such as metadata, margins, headers or footers. Office Document Viewer Pro does not support MSWorks image attachments.

Office Document Viewer only views MSWorks WPS document files; it does not handle MSWorks spreadsheet files (XLR).

Office Document Viewer is not endorsed, supported, sanctioned, approved, or manufactured by Corel Corporation or Corel Corporation Limited; Microsoft Corporation; or Apple.

Technical support is readily available from: help@lawbox.com. If you find a file that Office Document Viewer Pro can't open, or have a suggestion for additional formats, please don't hesitate to drop us a line: customer support is our pride and joy.

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