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Wordz 2

发行商: Fugo
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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** Wordz 2 is now compatible with iOS8 **
** 10.000.000 registered players worldwide **
** Compete online with thousands of players **


- Ad free gaming
- Brand New Design
- New Game Mode: Marginal
- Amazing Leveling System
- Detailed Gaming Statistics
- New Bonus Words

Just drag your finger over the letters on the board and connect them to create words. Find as many of the words as possible in the given time. The person with the highest score wins. Bragging rights belong to all who end up on the best players score board.

You can choose to play alone in order to hone your skills, then go online and compete against people from all over the world. All this for free!


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226 条评价


The game is totally screwed up. One round has 700 people playing, the next round has 5 people playing. Results show words from 5 games back. Amazing how it never gets updated or fixed. Worthless.


Great game if they fix the scoring issues

The game is fun to play and I slayed out well, however the scoring is erroneous much of the time. For example the game might tell me I received a score of 110 out of 192. In the final ranking display it show 19 and ranks me accordingly. Sometimes it shows that others got 250% of the words and the ranking board shows a word that was not in the round. Disappointing, so please fix!!


My Favorite Boggle Implementation

November 2020 Edit:The once fantastic app has seemingly been abandoned by the developer. It was once amazing, but for most of 2020 (as if we didn’t already have enough problems) the game has been plagued with enough issues to make playing less and less enjoyable. Currently, it’s stuck on the same game board. Such a shame. Original review:I’ve been playing this game for years, and while not perfect, it is as good a solo implementation of good ol’ Boggle as I’ve tried (I’ve tried many).Pros: The games don’t drag on. The game boards are not random, so there are longer words to find. While you can see how others did on the same board (scoreboard), this is more of a bonus rather than a strict competition. There are four different ways to score; some of these require being unlocked (just keep playing and you’ll get there). Great to be able to play anywhere from one round to an hour of play - start and stop whenever you like. Cons: While the dictionary is good, it is not complete. I find myself frustrated at times entering in a word that isn’t recognized (nard comes to mind). Finally, I can’t prove it, but receiving a “Connection Lost” error happens a LOT whenever I reach the top all-time 10 leaderboard. It’s become a joke. Just now I got such an error, and yup, I had just hit #10. If this is not intentional, it’s a bug.


Great game but dying of neglect

This game has been a favorite of mine for years. But lately it’s been going completely haywire. Scoreboards contain bad data, the displayed number of players varies wildly, from fewer than 10 to more than 2000, and the same game reappears sometimes within just a few minutes. Please get this stuff fixed!!


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