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At last… you can open WordPerfect files quickly and easily on your Mac with WPD Wizard. It opens both Mac and Windows WordPerfect files, while preserving most of the original document formatting. It’s easy drag & drop interface combined with simple, yet powerful viewing controls, makes reading WordPerfect documents enjoyable and exporting a snap. Buy now!

Funtastic Features:

★★★ Mac and Windows Versions Fully Supported ★★★

Most versions of WordPerfect formatted files are supported, including Windows WordPerfect versions 4/5/7/8/9/10/11, and Macintosh WordPerfect versions 1.x/2.x/3.5e.

★★★ Opens ANY WordPerfect File Formats (File Extensions) ★★★

No need to change your file extension to view it in WPD Wizard. Simply drag and drop ANY WordPerfect file into the program window and it will auto-magically open (hence the “wizard” name). This includes .WPD, .WP, .WP7, .WP6, .WP5, .WP4, and even those files with ::NO:: extension at all!

(Fine Print: Files other than those with “.wpd” file extension can ::ONLY:: be opened via drag-and-drop, unless you add or change the file extension to “.wpd”. WPD Wizard does NOT open .WPS files, which are Microsoft Works files… as you probably know.)

★★★ Preserves Most WordPerfect Page Formatting* ★★★

WPD Wizard presents your documents the way that they are meant to be: in paginated format (neat pages). Most text styling, footnotes, bullet point lists, line spacing, charts, and more are maintained.

(* Exact preserved page formatting depends on WordPerfect file version. Please do not send us hate mail if a text underline is missing here or there.)

★★★ Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface ★★★

Simply drag the file into the program window to view! No need to waste time navigating your Finder each time to open a file… what a drag that would be.

★★★ Elegant Program Interface ★★★

WPD Wizard utilizes classic Apple design standards to provide you with a user interface that feels like a “native” Mac program. No fancy functions for you to learn here.

★★★ Zoom To Your Preference ★★★

Zoom in or zoom out to find your ideal reading size. Our mothers like the text big, while we like it small.

★★★ Quick Page Navigation ★★★

Use the PDF-style, sidebar page navigation or the old school browsing controls on the toolbar. It’s your WordPerfect journey – explore it however you like.

★★★ Easy Content Export ★★★

You can easily Copy/Paste the WPD document content to another program, or export it as an RTF or PDF, so the rest of the world can also enjoy your masterpiece.

★★★ Find Things Quickly ★★★

Need to find something quickly in a 5,000 page document? No problem! Simply click the “Find” button, put in your search term in the box, and you’re on your way. If it is indeed a 5,000 page document, well, good luck with that.

This is the part where we say “go buy this now”, so go buy this now and start opening those WordPerfect documents in seconds!

* WPD Wizard is not manufactured, approved, endorsed, sanctioned, or supported by Corel Corporation or Corel Corporation Limited.


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