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Xcode projects are complex. Like all complicated things, sometimes they need a bit of maintenance. This is especially true when you’re working in large team. Xsaviour keeps your project ship shape by detecting, repairing, cleaning and optimising your project.

Here are some of the things we detect and repair.

File and Folders Not At Path
Sometimes your project is referencing a file that’s not there anymore. This usually results in a build failure. We’re able to find lost files and put things back together again.

Unexpected File Path
The folder structure implied by Xcode’s groups isn’t usually a good reflection of how the actual folder structure is on disk. We’re able to rearrange things to make the disk line up with the project structure.

File Not Referenced
Sometimes you end up with files left over on the disk that are no longer part of your project. We’re able to find these unreferenced files and we allow you to delete them or add them into the project.

Duplicated Reference
Due to a bad merge, you might find that you’re referencing multiple occurrences of the same file. The app finds these and allows you to remove the one you don’t need.

File Not Included In Target
Occasionally files are referenced but not being built. This can be pretty invisible when it comes to unit tests. The app finds these files and includes adds them back into your target.

Absolute Path
You can accidentally reference files with an absolute path sometimes and you won’t notice the mistake until you try to open the project on another computer. We’re able to turn these back into relative paths for you.

Empty Project Files
Thanks to some oddities with git you can end up with project files sitting around in your project that are no longer being used anywhere. We can detect these ones and delete them for you.

Orphaned and Dead Reference
Your project file itself is basically just a big list of references all referencing references to references. Sometimes things go wrong and the list stops making sense, for example after a merge conflict. We’re able to find and repair your references list for you.

I hope you find the app helpful. If you have any ideas for improvements, features or fixes then please get in touch.

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