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Ya!Video is a professional all-around video player. Its core is realized by two parts of video playback and DLNA protocol.the video player part: theoretically supports any format of audio, video and internal and external subtitles. DLNA protocol: It consists of a DLNA browser and a renderer. The renderer can play audio, video, and pictures from any platform (Microsoft Windows, LINUX), control points of different devices (Iphone, Andriod), and can be downloaded. The media browser can browse files across platforms and cast to the DLNA / UPNP / SMART TV device terminal for playback. Use one software for two.

Main description:
*** Audio and video playback
* Versatile playback of local, samba/ftp/ftps remote host multimedia files
* Playback speed 0.0-16 times
* 3 minute GIF animation
* Play audio, pictures, and videos online via DLNA/Upnp
* http / https to play audio, pictures, videos online
* Play video site such as Youtube, Youku, Vimo etc. Client TV function
* TV play videos from video sites, there will be no ads

*** Playback control
* Online video landing speed automatic detection
* Detect problems encountered during playback and prompt operations
* Automatically save playback progress
* Support different window playback styles
* Left and right arrows play forward and backward
* 3 screen display styles

*** Airdrop screen
* Receive audio, video, and picture playback across platforms
* Show media server content and share to DLNA / UPNP / TV equipment
* Preview pictures, control device progress, sound, speed
* Supports downloading files in the screen or browsing, cancel at any time.
* Support video site such as Youtube, Youku, Vimo video saving

*** Powerful playlist
* Implement classification and grouping (useful for learning)
* Add, modify and delete group and single records
* Drag multiple records to any group and any position
* Drag and drop multiple local media files directly to the specified group
* Can sort single records and groups

* Streamlined screen and screen height automatically adapt
* Progress preview, pinpoint to the preview
* Picture 360 ​​rotation and playback with different aspect ratio
* Can choose different video tracks
* Multi-screen color adjustment, brightness, grayscale, contrast, blur, etc.

*** Audio
* Quick audio output device selection
* Different audio languages ​​for different audio tracks
* Support external audio join
* Audio delay processing
* Equalizer implemented by powerful audio algorithms
* Simple operation of Dolby surround and stereo sound through the equalizer.
* Equalizer can increase the sound volume by 2-3 times

* Online subtitles
* Supports internal and external subtitles
* Subtitling delay processing
* Custom subtitle size, font selection, font border
* Font background color

*** Touch Bar
* Touch Bar background customization
* Preview in Touch Bar

** Video format
mkv, wmv, mov, mp4, m4v, ts, avi, rm, rmvb, flv, f4v, f4a, swf, mpeg, mpg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, 3gp, 3gpp, m2p, webm, m4a, m2c, mpv, ts, m2ts, vob etc

**Image Format
png, jpg, bmp, jpeg, tif, tiff, gif, pdf

**audio format
mp3, aac, wav, aiff, m4a, flac ,, ape, m2a, mpeg3 ,, ogg, oga ,, mid, midi etc

ass, ssa, srt, idx & sub, lrc, smi, rt, utf, mks, vtt, sup, scc

If you find bugs or have any questions, please email us: dev_manager@asiastrength.com

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