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Crime Coast

发行商: Pixel Squad
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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"Warning! This Game Is So addictive :). I play it everyday . idont have time to my gf, But i want to play this game. Join now." - ***** - TerenceD

"I love play this game.. I really great strategic and planning game.i love playing this whenever I want great graphics as well." - ***** - Modesty

"Better than Clash of Clans and Game of War" — ***** - Max B

Are you so gangster you can take on hoodlums from all nations? Then prove it homie. Pack some heat and hit the streets, it’s time to blitz war on Crime Coast!

In a lawless city where the cops run scared it's the criminal kingpins who make the rules. Chaos and conflict rule supreme; and the only thugs who survive entering at breakfast, looting at lunch, and taking mayhem with a side of robbery for dinner!

From Gundon to Crooklyn, gang rage between the most ruthless crews has erupted and all hell has broken loose! Criminals of all nations have been flocking to the coast, forming cartels, breaking bad and transforming every city into their very own gangster’s paradise!

From collecting protection cash to sending your crew to raid a rival gang, play your hand right, forge the best alliances and one day you could be the ‘Crime King’. Use your Henchman’s skills and build a team of heavies who are ready to die for you… and who probably will.

Being bad has never felt so good.

✔ With Mafia Wars you can Watch live battles just like in a TV station!

✔ In real life you might be more broke than every chair in the Kardashian house, but that doesn’t matter because our game is totally free!

✔ Create your own real-life gangster’s paradise of ruthless killers, crooked cops, and non-stop criminal clan carnage. Being bad never felt so good!

✔ Commit daring heists on banks for their gold, run a breaking bad style underworld drugs cartel, and order assassinations using your very own professional mob hit squads.

✔ Take the boring junk out of regular crime city building games, replace it with enough mayhem to make GTA look PG, and you'll still be only halfway towards Crime Coast.

✔ Build an underworld of lawless gangster locations like junkyards, mansions, sniper towers, and beautiful rose bushes which definitely aren't hiding missile silos. Promise!

✔ Put together a gang of killer henchmen... and hench ladies of course. There’s not a homie alive who could take on our beautiful Sally in a skirmish and not suffer complete annihilation.

✔ Take to the freeway to make your getaway with our unique vehicle system. What’s unique about it? It doesn't suck. Also they explode. What more do you want?

✔ Form an unbeatable cartel of mafioso mobsters with other players, and enjoy the unique feel of power that only comes from picking on goons who are weaker than you. Fun ain't it?

✔ Snitch on your homies

✔ Laugh at all the dumb quotes our characters come up with. Ever wondered what a big German bruiser has for breakfast. (clue, it’s children’s tears).

Being bad has never felt so good.

We would love to hear from you! Please send feedback to support@pixelsquad.net.


While Crime Coast is free to download and play, some game items can be purchased for real money.

A network connection is also required.

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Terms of Service
- New card: Berserk.
- New card: 37 M Gun accelerator.
- Mansion level 13.
- Prison level 11.
- Additional Chop Shop.
- Celeste also powered up!
- Walls reinforced.
- Increased free gold.
- Grease Monkeys level 9.
- Card sale values.
- Other improvements.
- Added new levels to the Mass Squatting card.
- Restored Arabic language support.
- Reduced probability of Bad Blue Pellets, Armor-Piercing Pellets, Masamune, Muramasa given by the Superior Crew.
- A small number of skulls is now taken away when small farming raids are done.
- Some structures gained an extra card slot.
- Fixed bug that would prevent players from scrolling down to some of their contacts in the chat window.
- Increased Bad Blue prizes in Mafia Wars.
- Increased amount of Gold given on Gold War Weekends.
- New Showdown levels.
- Expanded number of players eligible for Big Heist prizes to 25.
- Increased the Club's vault capacity by 20%.
- It's now possible to access the Club's vault while it is being upgraded.
- Reduced price of Toucan, and Car Bomb.
- To celebrate this massive update we're gifting 500 Gold to all existing Crime Coasters who play during this update's launch week only!

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