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Audio Clásicos Infantiles

Publisher: Libro Móvil
Bewertung: Noch nicht bewertet
Preis: 4.99 USD

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Libro Movil brings you through this beautiful pack of audio story, the children's classics of all time.
"Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault:
A girl receives from her mother's mission to bring a basket to her sick grandmother who lives in the forest, warning him not to talk to strangers. But the road is a wolf and stops to talk to him.
-THE BLUE COCO Julia de Asensi:
Teresa was afraid of everything and just tried to Eugene was the one who beat her frequently and incomprehensible terror.
You could not tell any stories of elves or fairies, or even mention any danger of those that are continuous and unavoidable in life.
"PUSS IN BOOTS Charles Perrault:
Thanks to his clever tricks, a cat, had inherited by the son of a poor miller, convinces the king that his master is the Marquis of Carabas.
"THE GOOD FAIRY Julia de Asensi:
"Teresa was much smaller than his brothers Eugene and Sophia and no doubt that the spoiled both his parents. He was born when Victor and Henrietta did not expect to have more children and, although not wanted more than the others, had brought much worse.
Hansel and Gretel are the children of a poor woodcutter. Fearing starvation, the woodcutter's wife (the children's stepmother), convinces him to take the children into the forest and abandon them there. Hansel and Gretel hear her stepmother's plan and gather white pebbles to be left a trail that shows them the way back home.
"THE UGLY DUCKLING Hans Christian Andersen:
The famous story of the ugly duckling who suffers the ridicule of other animals. It was different, so I refused but eventually became a beautiful swan.
-PULGARCITO Charles Perrault:
And because of their size they called Tom Thumb. Do not skimp on food, but the child grew and became as it was when born. However, it was very bright eyes and soon showed signs of being very smart, making all that is proposed.
"RAPUNZEL Brothers Grim:
A couple wants a child living next to a garden surrounded by walls belonging to a witch. The wife finally pregnant, note some rapunceles planted in the garden, and longs for death. Her husband decides to gather some for her and ends up clashing with the sorceress, Lady Gothel, who accuses him of theft.
"THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES by Hans Christian Andersen:
Swindlers came to a beautiful village posing as weavers and magical costumes were saying. These items had the virtue of being invisible to those silly, so it could only be truly appreciated by the ready.

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