Times Tables: Math is fun!

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Times Tables form a key educational requirement; learn them when you are young and you’ll never forget them. Times Tables Personal Assistant has been developed to help children of all ages build confidence with their knowledge of Times Tables. The tables 1 to 12 are included and you can select one table to learn at a time or any number of tables to test your knowledge. Times Tables is another product from the Unit11 ‘Math can be fun series’. In that series, Shopkeeper+ (adding) reached #6 in the UK charts and ‘Day with a Difference’ (differences) is prominent in the world-wide Apps for Kids ‘Fun learning’ section. The App supports multiple individual users and retains each individual’s preferences/settings enabling a number of children in one family to use the same App. Designed for Kindle Fire, IPhone and IPad.
Spoken Tables. When learning the tables you can select the table’s format (1 x 3 =, or 3 x 1 =) and you can choose from 3 different voice overs including a rhythmic voice over more suited to learning quickly.
Testing Your Knowledge. Choose one or more tables for the test. Then choose from 4 different methods of testing (Grid, Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop and Matching Pairs). Or simply choose random to experience several testing methods at random. You can adjust the user settings to set the length of each test from 3 to 10 questions. For example this enables the grid test (which takes longer) to be set to a low number of repetitions whilst ‘multiple choice’ (which is quite quick) could be set to have a much higher number of repetitions.
Now at a glance the user can see how well they have done in all 12 tables. There are 4 levels Merit, Bronze, Silver and Gold. And they are achieved by repeating the whole table 1 to 4 times using different answering techniques.
Multiplayer. There is a turn based 2 player test mode included. This fun element can be used for children to test themselves against friends, brothers and sisters or even mum and dad! To keep things fair there are no time limits and each player can select different tables for the test. So whilst Johnny or Tina do the 10 Times Table, mum or dad could do the 7, 8 and 9: try it, Math can be fun for families too.

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