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Paper Galaxy

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"The character designs all ooze charm and get helped along by a too-good-to-be-true orchestral soundtrack. However, underneath all of the audiovisual appeal is a challenging gameplay arc." -- Kotaku
"Paper Galaxy Can be Your ... Addictive Game of the New Year, Too" -- Wired Geekdad
"Colourful and hugely creative, the paper-craft galaxy in which Luna (the moon) inhabits is both stylish and charming, and the play premise simultaneously simple and utterly addictive..." 9.5 / 10 -- Android Life
"The game play is easy to understand and it’s a perfect tool to while away your time or if you’re searching for one of those apps that will have you glued to your device for hours!" 5/5 -- applatter.com
"I save the 5 star rating for games that are near perfection in morality and design. Paper Galaxy meets that standard. Good job Liquid Entertainment." 5/5 -- cocgblog.com
"The well-done visuals, amusing sound effects, and addictive gameplay make this one challenging for all ages." -- appadvice.com
"So. Adorably. Cute... Paper Galaxy is incredibly charming and creative, and despite being a good old fashioned arcade game at heart, it ends up being quite a relaxing experience." -- jayisgames.com
"between the cute atmosphere and several slight bonuses in game play, this is certainly one of the best of its kind." -- touchmyapps.com
"Paper Galaxy is a great diversion and worth the price." -- ikidapps.com
"I could play Paper Galaxy all day, BECAUSE I ALREADY AM!" -- CGR Undertow
What happens when the moon gets lost, catches a cold, and runs into the cranky Crab Nebula? A family-friendly and fun-filled chase through a galaxy of adorable planetary oddballs ensues! As Luna, you sneeze from orbit to orbit on your way back to Mother Earth. Along the way, you’ll make new friends, collect stars, and have more than a few close encounters with hot-headed Suns and mysterious Black Holes!
A cross between an endless runner and a launch game, Paper Galaxy is easy-to-learn and offers hours of fun and challenge for cosmic explorers of all skill levels. With its unique and addictive ‘one tap’ gameplay, an unforgettable cast of characters, and a charming soundtrack, you’ll be over the moon with Paper Galaxy!
A NOTE ABOUT PRIVACY: We (Liquid Entertainment) are a small independent game studio located in Pasadena, California. Paper Galaxy began as a labor of love in our spare time. Our goals for making this game were simple: make a game that we could play with our own kids and have fun doing so, make the game completely non-violent, include purely optional in-app purchasing, and tell a simple story of finding your way back home within a whimsical and charming universe.
Some users have voiced concerns about the app’s permissions, and in particular the "GET_TASKS" permission.
We originally implemented the "GET_TASKS" permission for use with our ‘Rate this App’ popup. Paper Galaxy does not now, and has never, utilized this permission to collect private data or snapshots of current tasks.
The only user data we collect is aggregate counts of game-related events: how many times did a particular upgrade get purchased, how many times did players complete the game, and so forth. We use this information solely to improve the experience in subsequent updates.
To eliminate any possible concerns regarding the "GET_TASKS" permission, we have uploaded a new build that has removed that permission.
Our privacy policy can be read in its entirety here:
We are proud to have been featured or positively reviewed by such trusted sites as Wired.com’s GeekDad, Kotaku, the Coalition of Christian Gamers, PadGadget.com, The iPhone Mom, JayIsGames.com, Applatter.com, AppAdvice.com, DroidGamers.com, AndroidPolice, LifeofAndroid.com, and many others. Liquid Entertainment remains committed to responsible game development and providing first class, family-friendly entertainment through Paper Galaxy.

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