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7notes Free (Kindle Tablet Edition)

Publisher: MetaMoJi
Preis: Gratis

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Please note the following:
* The app DOES NOT contain handwriting recognition for any language
* Android tablet users: please use "7notes Free", available from the Google Play store
* The video shows the features of 7notes Premium (Kindle Tablet Edition).
7notes Free (Kindle Tablet Edition) is a FREE note taking app optimized for the Kindle Fire. One of the purposes of this free version is to allow first-time users to experience the app before purchasing the premium version: "7notes Premium (Kindle Tablet Edition)".
7notes Premium is the smart writing tool for Kindle Fire.
With this app, mixing your handwriting and digital text is easier than ever.
Now you can take notes faster and easier in a wide variety of scenes and situations such as during a phone call, meeting with customers, during lectures, and while commuting. 7notes Premium provides a superior note taking experience with a state-of-the-art handwriting recognition engine. You can edit and decorate handwritten sentences later as required.
Smooth inking with auto scroll and feed features, provides an outstanding note taking experience. The app also has a variety of exporting features including e-mail, Evernote, Facebook and Twitter, as well as directing output to other applications.

7notes features include:
- Handwriting stroke input with smooth inking
- Convert handwritten notes to digital text real-time or on-demand (PREMIUM ONLY)
- Decorate handwritten letters and digital text with different colors, fonts and styles
- Create and manage notes quickly and easily
- Connect to other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote

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